2018 NGCA Alley Cat Team Time Trial

Saturday, Oct 208:00 AM from Roswell Bikes



One of the favorite events of the year is back again with the NGCA Team Time Trial (TTT).  No time trial bike required…in fact, they are not even allowed.


The event works like this…starting at Roswell Bikes, all teams roll out together for about a 10 mile warm up to the start location.  Teams then start at 3 minute intervals on a twenty-four(ish) mile loop after which we roll back together to Roswell Bikes.


Two things can be guaranteed about this event…it will be one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding events you will do all year.  Break away from the typical Saturday and have some fun.


Some additional details are as follows:s:


  • This is an alley cat team time trial on open roads
  • Eddy Merck format which meants no time trial bikes, no aero bars, standard road bikes only
  • Anything else aero is up to you…helmets, skin suits, etc.
  • Four to five person teams selected by race committee
  • You will only know your team makeup the day before the event
  • Teams must finish with all riders you started with
  • Last rider over the line determines team time
  • Approximately 24 mile loop
  • Teams must obey all rules of the road…(sfoot down at stop signs)
  • Open to all NGCA members and prospective members
  • All participants welcome; men, women and juniors
  • Lunch afterwards provided by NGCA

Sign up is open at:



Questions….reply here.


Route Preview….we will roll out together from from Roswell Bikes for a good warm up before the start.