About Us

NGCA is comprised of passionate individuals who are devoted to growing awareness of, and participation in cycling as a sport by riding and racing throughout the Southeast.

Club History

    •  2002 NGCA founded with a membership of 23. By 2011 membership surpasses 140.
    • NGCA was founded by a core group that included Chance Regina, Bob Heath, Terry Mathison, Leigh Foti, Bryan Holloway, Brad Harper, Eric May, Don Hawksley, Mike Masters, Ralph Mckenzie, Rick Richardson and a few others
    • Founders were a group of cycling/racing enthusiasts who wanted their own race team. During the first few years the emphasis was on building a vibrant club and lasting friendships as well as a competitive race team. You will no doubt notice that many of the founding members are still active in the club today; as shareholders, race and or club team members.
    • The original team raced under the Atlanta Cycling banner but soon after became Meehan’s/Cycleworks. For many years, we were affiliated with the Cycleworks Bike Shop and the club often went by the moniker “Cycleworks”. NGCA continued to race as Cycleworks until 2009 at which time the team made a decision more to formally represent as North Georgia Cycling Association.
    • In 2004, NGCA hosted its first race, the Meehan’s/Cycleworks Cycling Classic in Marietta, GA.
    • Our current bike shop sponsor is Roswell Bicycles, one of the mostprominent bicycle shops in Georgia.
    • Mission Source Outdoor Gear is our current title sponsor.

  • Past Presidents of NGCA in reverse chronological order of holding office include:
    • Greg Latham (current)
    • Brian Coll
    • Travis Neumeller
    • Tim Smith
    • Rich Saunders
    • David Farabaugh
    • Kerry Millar
    • Chance Regina
  • NGCA has grown and has developed a great reputation on the road for racers and for club members. The organization keeps getting better and better.