NGCA Organization Changes

Club Officers for 2018 have been selected and are as follows:

  • President – Ryan Pumpian
  • Vice President Race Team – Alex Berry
  • Vice President Club Team – Jim Bolton
  • Vice President Juniors Team – Greg Latham
  • Treasurer – Tim Millwood
  • Secretary – Dan Walsh
  • Website – Kumpol Sriprapa
  • Communications – Drew Chaplain

The club wants to thank Greg Latham for his hard work and dedication while serving as our club president for the past few years.  You can not even begin to imagine the amount of hours Greg has put into the club and juniors team.  And, we are not losing Greg but his is refocusings his efforts even more on the juniors squad.


The Board of Directors is changing as well.   As you know, the Board provides oversight and guidance to the club officers.  And now, you have the opportunity to participate.  NGCA is looking for persons to serve on the board for 2018.  If you are interested in getting more involved with the club, reply to Jim Bolton at