NGCA Organization

Club Officers for 2020 are as follows:

  • President – Ryan Pumpian
  • Vice President Race Team – Alex Berry
  • Vice President Club Team – Jim Bolton
  • Vice President Juniors Team – Greg Latham
  • Treasurer – Tim Millwood
  • Secretary – Dan Walsh
  • Website – Kumpol Sriprapa
  • Communications – Drew Chaplain

The Board of Directors is now set for 2018 as well and is as follows:

  • Mark Brackenbury
  • Ryan Hochworter
  • Ashley Chan
  • Alex Berry
  • David Montanye
  • Andy Kiza – At Large
  • Travis Tindle – At Large

Chances are that you know already know some of the club officers or Board Members.  Feel free to speak with any one of these folks if you have ideas or concerns about the club.  And if you are interested in getting more involved with the club, reply to Jim Bolton at