The Good Ambassador

Yep, there is a lot of bad behaviour out there on the road and there is a lot of blame to be shared.  But you can and you must make a difference.  Like it or not, it’s up to us as one the premier cycling teams in the state to be leaders in fixing some of this bad behavior.  Here is what we expect of you as representatives and ambassadors of the sport, NGCA and our sponsors.

  1. Set a good example and lead by example.  Do the right thing even when it’s hard.
  2. Follow the guidance of and support the ride leaders.
  3. Help the ride be better and look out for others…especially your team mates.
  4. Show respect and understanding for the plight of the unhappy….that is people stuck in their cars.
  5. If our rides are causing a traffic blockage, move out of the way until the jam clears.
  6. Never antagonize a motorist.  No matter what they have done, focus on de-escalating the situation. Cursing and screaming at them does the opposite.
  7. Don’t swarm cars at stop signs and lights.  Wait your turn.
  8. Obey traffic signals…behave responsibly on the road.
  9. When you have the chance, chat positively and encouragingly with motorists at our store stops.  It’s harder to be angry with someone when they see we are human too.
  10. Take the road that you need and no more.  While we are allowed by law to ride two abreast, consider the riding etiquette that is the safest and least disruptive for everyone.
  11. Now here is the hard part…if you observe poor behaviour in other riders, say something….