NGCA Jackson County Brevet Century Ride Guide

NGCA JCB Century Rain Guide

Saturday, June 8 at 7:30 AM 

The rain scenario shaping up for tomorrow is a ride and race director’s worst nightmare.  For us, we have to face the uncomfortable fact that it will probably be wet tomorrow.   However, the forecast is for intermittant rain, not a steady rain.  And it will be relatively warm so I would encourage everyone keep planning on riding tomorrow, even if it is a little wet. We have committed to the ride and we’ve already paid the fees for the club and as such, we will be riding.  I’ve already attached my seat fender, I am charging my lights and planning on riding with them tomorrow.  I’m also packing my rain jacket. We will have a number of bail out options if the weather gets too uncomfortable or unsafe.  However, as of now, it doesn’t look too bad and I am planning to ride.  I hope you will join me.  Directions to Event:Jefferson High School
575 Washington Street
Jefferson, GA 30549 From Atlanta:Directions: I-85 north to Exit 129. Exit 137. Turn right (away from interstate). Travel 3.5 miles and turn left on Old Pendergrass Rd (traffic light). Travel 1.6 miles and turn left on Washington Street (traffic light). Entrance on your left. Plan on 50 minutes from I85 and I285 to the parking area and plan to arrive early…. Where to Find Us

  • NGCA will have our own tent set up near general registration
  • Check in at the general registration and then head over to our tent for coffee and snacks

What to Wear

  • We need you to wear your full 2019 full kit…for the photos

Ride Plan

  • We will line up at the front for the 7:30 AM start.
  • There will be a full century group and a metric century group.
  • The plan for our main group is to ride at a 20-21 mph pace.
  • The century and metric groups stay together for only the first 11 miles so you have an early decision.
  • As we roll out, please stay behind our lead group of riders for the initial 5 miles.  There will be a large very fast pelton go up the road and we must avoid having riders chasing this group.  We need to create a seperation as quickly as possible for our own safety.   Don’t worry, we catch most of them before the finish.
  • After the initial 5 miles, we’ll each take our turns in the wind and then rotate out 2×2 (non-rotating)
  • We will make 2 planned stops at around 40 miles and 80 miles for a bathroom break and photos.  If you get separated from the group, we will pause at these rest stops to allow our team to regroup.

 Download Routes at: Ride

  • Plan to hand around for the food and beverages 

Important We will have a very large group of 60+ riders here for this event.  It’s a great chance to show our colors as we ride together as a team.  When the red train rolls through, we want to be smooth and safe, showing respect for other riders and other traffic.  We want to ride in a tight 2 x 2 paceline whenever the roads permit and keep tight to the right side of the road.  We want to avoid riding more than two abreast and we want to stay on our side of the yellow line.  We’ll call out to other cyclists before passing and pass at a comfortable distance from them.  The riders at the front will ride steady without surging and will power down on the hills to keep the group together.  They will call out road hazards and look out for traffic.  When we stop at rest stops, we want to be respectful, helpful and courteous to other riders….a chance to be ambassadors for our club and sport.